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  • Fitness to diving

  • Cold  Water Diving

  • Mixed gas Diving an overview

  • Medical Aspects of Saturation Diving

  • Medications and Diving

  • Otic barotrauma

  • Otic barotrauma workshop

  • Decompression Stress

  • Recognizing Decompression Illness

  • Medical evaluation of the injured diver

  • Return to Diving after diving injury

  • Treatment of Diving Emergencies

  • Case Studies in Diving Injury

  • Medical Aspects of Diving

  • Medical Fitness for Technical Divers

International Board of Undersea Medicine

  • Children and Diving

  • Diving Emergencies in Remote Locations

  • Emergency Care of the injured Diver

  • Hazardous Marine Life

  • Diving Fatalities

  • Diving Physics: A practical Approach

  • Understanding Treatment Tables for Diving Accidents

  • Navy Dive tables

Dive Medicine: Services
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