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The Underwater Investigative Group (UIG), LLC is a specialized underwater marine firm based in Massachusetts. We offer underwater research and development, specialized training, and consulting for underwater activities.

UIG offers an innovative training education and credential platform for careers and enterprises. Founded in 2013, UIG has worked with the U.S. military and numerous agencies around the world to provide training and support for marine operations.
UIG products and services focus on educational training and credentials for ROV Pilots. We also focus on Underwater Forensics/Underwater Crime Scene Investigation (UCSI), Dive Medicine, Marine Archaeology, and Marine Technology.

The Underwater Investigative Group is an organization created to meet the needs of multiple sub-sea problems and requirements. UIG provides several levels of service in multiple market segments including commercial, homeland security, emergency response, aquaculture, ocean science, and insurance claims. We provide training, field services, and consultation. Our goal is to provide solutions and packages for all your sub-sea needs.

Located in New England we have collectively worked in all kinds of environments around the world. Our team members have decades of experience in the marine technology and sub-sea industries. We bring a high level of expertise to each project and approach all assignments as program managers.

Our team has worked on high-level projects around the world including archaeological expeditions to deep-sea ancient shipwrecks in Turkey and the Black Sea. We have explored undersea volcanoes off the coast of Greece and worked on numerous cases of the missing and lost. We have worked with the military, police, homeland security, the Coast Guard to name a few. We work on projects both small and large and are coordinating the standards for ROV Pilots and Underwater Forensics (UCSI) We use the most advanced undersea technology including Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV), and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV) to get the job done safely and with more accuracy for our partner organizations and clients. We help even the smallest operations to succeed in a dynamic and challenging environment.

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UIG’s unique education platform combines open source training, applied learning at UIG Partner Sites around the globe, and testing for career credentials for specialized underwater careers and enterprises.



UIG is the international organizer for a standards framework leading to credentials for ROV Pilots and Underwater Forensics (UCSI).



UIG offers consulting for underwater activities.

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